Ken Mulvihill

Ken Mulvihill

He came to Colorado in 1974. His first job was with a distribution company selling supplies and machinery to manufacturers like H.P., Seagate, Samsonite and many more. He moved from sales, to management and eventually to ERP (Enterprise resource planning) system admin. He would build custom reports for upper management using Excel and an ODBC connection and found he enjoyed it. Little did he know that was the beginning of the road to becoming a data geek.

So, after leaving the industrial distribution industry at age 59 he began to re-invent himself as a data analyst. He received an AAS in Database Administration from Red Rocks Community College in 2011. New Data Design LLC was the culmination of 30 plus years of business experience with a new set of tools and technologies. The goals are still the same – save the client time, money, or make their job easier. The past 2-1/2 years was spent with Red Rocks Community College writing automation applications utilizing Access, Excel and SQL Server for data collection, analysis, and compliance reporting.


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